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A fascinating tale of the times of Tudor, April 21, 2012

Amazon Review by David C. Cassidy
First off, this is *not* a lesson out of high school history class. What it is, is a stunningly powerful look at the “behind the scenes” life of Henry VIII and Katheryn, Anne, et al. It is often shocking and disturbing, yes, but that is the point of this excellent novel. I thoroughly enjoyed it. In particular, the historical elements were well-researched, and the torrid story itself keeps you turning the page. It has a wonderfully imaginative beginning, and a perfect ending. Highly recommended.



The sun was starting to rise and the air was soft and misty as she entered a marshy area. The thick, wet fog swirled around Katheryn as her bare feet made soft squishy noises in the cool, mossy earth.


Love’s Lust

His hand gripped her bodice tightly, and her knees buckled as she dropped to the cool green grass with him. Her sweet, musky scent mixed with the fragrance of crushed clover and permeated his senses. He brushed his lips against the smoothness of her skin, afraid to taste of her, lest he’d lose all control. As it was, he thought he’d drown inside her embrace. The sounds of her sultry voice echoed in his ears as he lifted her, and holding her tightly against him, he never wanted to let her go.

From Tracey Saxon on About Dignity – March 28, 2012

As a Tudor History fan I was very pleased to receive your book for Christmas – I read it so fast and really enjoyed the weaving of history with a compelling story! Any plans to tackle others from the period? After reading a lot of non-fiction it was wonderful to enjoy a well-written book set in a period of time that I love! Kudos for your work – you have a fan here!!

Powerful and stimulating. Accurate portrayal of a disturbing era., April 12, 2012

By William C. Sampson
Amazon: This review is from: Dignity (Kindle Edition)
I’ll admit, reading Dignity made me blush. I enjoy historical perspectives, especially those of royalty, but the steamy romances and intricate detail took the story to a much deeper level. Christian Ashley truly has a gift for the visual, and it was a joy working with her on the Dignity book trailer. I recommend Dignity for anyone with an open mind to the realism of a disturbing era in human history.