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About SARA’S PLAN – formerly titled, “In Daddy’s Arms”

The title of “In Daddy’s Arms” came from the short story “Daddy’s Arms” and has an entirely innocent meaning as Sara (the main character) is very close to her father in a very loving and appropriate way. The title has been changed to SARA’S PLAN, which seems better fitting. The only thing that may be disturbing to the reader is the relationship of the antagonist (villain) with various people including his step-daughters. Sara’s Plan is not really an erotic novel – though it does contain adult-sexual content; however, a lot of it is innuendo. It is a beautiful story about a loving family (The Morgans) who face some strange challenges in being Mormon during the 1850s. A tragic event occurs and twelve-year-old Sara devises a plan to save her family. It is written in a romantic fashion so it goes quickly – and the reader could easily skip over any of the few parts that might seem too steamy.

Dignity (my first book); however, is sexually descriptive, stimulating, and erotic as Kathryn Howard’s sexual abuse provides an explanation for her lifelong promiscuity that eventually resulted in her execution.