5.0 out of 5 stars A Page Turning, Erotic, and Revealing Read!, September 9, 2013


A scintillating and often shocking exposé of Mormon history, Sara’s Plan is a surprising, erotic, controversial, and thought-provoking novel. I fell in love with the handsome and heroic hero, Richard Morgan, and so will you.

The author has revealed new and exciting dimensions to the lives, struggles, and motivation of the husbands, wives, and hierarchy of the Latter Day Saints. If you think 19th century Mormon wives were wholly submissive and without personal yearnings, ambition, and sensuality you must read this book.

Christian Ashley’s deliciously descriptive tale of the Morgan family’s migration from Missouri to the Utah territory and the Latter Day Saint’s early history is ofttimes chilling, always suspenseful, and chock-full of revelations about the early Mormon movement. The author’s artistry is so refined that her character’s portraits are etched in the reader’s mind.

Sara’s Plan is a fast paced and thrilling ride. I highly recommend this book! ★★★★★


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