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C.A. Books publishes a variety of Authors from various genres.

Meet the Authors

As the primary editor, artist, and illustrator for C.A. BOOKS, SHERYL LYNN CHRISTIAN is both an author and co-author of spiritual self-help, metaphysical, biographical, and children’s books.
CHRISTIAN ASHLEY is a prolific Author of Historical Romance, Erotic Fiction, Adult Romance, Alternative History, Paranormal Fiction and Fantasy.
PREMLATHA RAJKUMAR is an inspirational author of spiritual, advanced metaphysics, and self-help related books. The sacred connection of Premlatha Rajkumar and Sheryl Lynn Christian resulted in the miraculous creation of TWELVE STEPS TO INNER PEACE.
D.W. HEADRICK is an author of adult fiction with a uniquely contrasting yet complimentary occult and religious flair. Look below to find out more about his amazing debut novel
THE TRAP: Emancipation.
THERESE JOHANSSON, writes children’s stories and fairy tales. Please see her wonderful book ENCHANTMENT of a PRINCESS: Castles, Kings, and Lovely Dreams below.
Our newest author, MARY JEAN KISTNER, has written a lovely, warm story about a fourteen-year-old girl facing the challenges of a freak winter storm, grief, and coming of age in
AND GOD OPENED A DOORThis moving novella can be read in one sitting.

– Featured Authors and works Books by CHRISTIAN ASHLEY


DIGNITY is an Erotic Tudor History Romance novel that takes place in the sixteenth century and portrays  the tragically short and historically unknown life of Katheryn Howard who was the fifth wife of Henry VIII. Due to the extreme controversy surrounding this 634 page novel, the epilogue, which serves as a prologue, and the first chapter are presented here as a preview.  If it seems a bit much for you, but you’d like to continue, there is a censored version available.

CensoredBook cover

  DIGNITY(Censored) is Available in a Censored “harlequin romance” style version too.


SARA’S PLAN Christian Ashley has also authored Sara’s Plan originally titled, In Daddy’s Arms  ,which is a Historical Romance novel depicting the unique challenges of a Mormon family in the mid-eighteen fifties (a tumultuous time for the Latter Day Saints). Sara’s Plan, like most of Ms. Ashley’s work, is written in a romantic fashion from each character’s perspective and therefore, draws the reader in. History and circumstance are intricately intertwined taking the reader back in time into the “real-life” situations indigenous to the place and period presented. Contains ADULT CONTENT – Sexual contact as well as historically inspired Violence and disturbing themes. Sara’s Plan also contains character illustrations not included in the original release of In Daddy’s Arms.


ROSE of GWYNEDD: The Noble Tribes of Wales takes place four centuries after the birth of the legends of King Arthur, the Lady of the Lake, and the disappearance of Avalon,. Being Welsh and of Gwynedd during the twelfth century did not lend itself to easy living. Not even for the noble Princes and their Knights as Gwynedd had always been a place rich in history of upheaval and chaos. Morhys Rhys had christened his daughter, Annest ferch Rhys, yet she knew no other name but Rose. This is Rose’s story…

BookCoverPreview (1)

REDEMPTION – Sequel to Sara’s Plan Many readers wanted to know what happened to the characters and to the villain of the story; therefore, Redemption, was written as requested. Taking place over an eight month span during one of the most crucial periods of American history, Redemption is deeply intertwined through contrast of Utah’s Latter Day Saints with the Civil War’s end and the assassination of the President.


Yeshua  HaMashiach: The Lost Years is part I of a Trilogy The story of Yeshua HaMashiach, known in the present day as Jesus Christ, is told as never before. Presented from an alternative perspective, this story of His youth is written in a romantic fashion. The Lost Years, which is part one of a trilogy, portrays His life from birth to baptism. Part two will cover from that point to the crucifixion, and part three will discuss the aftermath of His ascension.



TWELVE STEPS to INNER PEACE with Empowering Spiritual Tools Twelve Steps to Inner Peace – Written by Premlatha Rajkumar and Sheryl Lynn Christian – Is an invitation to a magical journey in creating miracles in your life by living consciously and making conscious agreements towards life. It is available on Kindle and Nook and in three paperback editions; full color, black and white, and text only. Twelve Steps to Inner Peace is also an audio book narrated by the authors. Inspirational excerpt – Visit the Miracle blog at Seekwholeness 

EVERYDAY EMPOWERMENT  – written by Premlatha Rajkumar and edited by Sheryl Lynn Christian celebrates the art of living, which resides in the opening of our hearts. A beautifully succinct message for every day is contained within Premlatha Rajkumar’s 2nd book. Spiritual enlightenment involves conducting our lives with compassion, gratitude, reverence, consciousness, laughter, blessing, grace, patience, and joy. These attributes bring us closer to the heart of the Creator. They are priorities in life, which we can choose to empower with our presence and our personality. Whatever we choose to give our attention to and bind with our emotion, is empowered.
Let us choose to use our power to empower our life and create a reality of wellbeing for all.

Books for children – by Sheryl Lynn Christian


ASTROLOGY for the AGELESS – Written by Sheryl Lynn Christian, basic Astrology is presented for the reader to gain a deeper understanding from a series of short fantasies. This artistically illustrated book is designed for all ages and is a showcase for the author’s art as well as being educational.

TRUE ANIMAL STORIES – by Sheryl Lynn Christian

BookCoverPreview (1)

AN ELEPHANT STORY by Sheryl Lynn Christian – An Elephant Story is filled with colorful and vibrant illustrations of elephants. It is a children’s book which tells the remarkable and true tale of two elephants, Shirley and Jenny. A video was created for preschoolers with an animated character reading aloud Shirley and Jenny’s story! DVDs will be available for purchase soon. Feel free to watch on YouTube! $1.00 of every book and DVD sold will be donated to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.


A LION NAMED CHRISTIAN by Sheryl Lynn Christian –  This book is dedicated to a Lion named Christian and to the two young men who unexpectedly came upon him and adopted the lion cub for no other reason than feeling compelled in their hearts to do so. This is a true story… A video was created for preschoolers with an animated character reading aloud Christian the lion’s story! (View free on YouTube) DVDs will be available soon for purchase. As with the author’s book An Elephant Story, $1.00 from every copy of a Lion named Christian – books, eBooks, and DVDs – sold will be donated to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. 


TRAPBookCoverPreview (1)

THE TRAP: Emancipation by D.W. Headrick is the first part of a series. Edited by Sheryl Lynn Christian & Jeanette L. Hobson, it takes place during the Civil Rights movement in the South. It is a vibrant and engaging story about an eleven-year-old creole boy who is chosen to embrace his gifts and foil the plans of an evil sorceress with the powerful magic of his Cajun, Vodun-Catholic grandmawmaw. For more information about D.W. Headrick and his debut novel, please visit his BLOG


ENCHANTMENT of a PRINCESS: Castles, Kings, and Lovely Dreams by Therese Johansson Edited and illustrated by Sheryl Lynn Christian

BookCoverPreview (2)

AND GOD OPENED A DOOR by Mary Jean Kistner Edited and cover designed by Sheryl Lynn Christian

Upcoming Publications:  CHRISTIAN ASHLEY

BookCoverPreview-revised version

Sneak preview of soon to be released Lightning Crashes: Thunder Roars – Lightning Crashes Series Book I ~ A modern ADULT Romance with more than a heavy scent of eroticism, Lightning Crashes entails the maturation of Eric Russo; a wealthy executive born to a life of privilege that takes place around the porn industry.

BookCoverPreview (2)

Yeshua  HaMashiach: Ascension is part II of the Trilogy



The Llywelyns of Gwynedd: The Noble Tribes of Wales II 




Sea Child: Lands of Atlantis


They Call the Wind Mariah:  part one of the Mariah Windham Trilogy


Upcoming Publications: Sheryl Lynn Christian, Premlatha Rajkumar, Dennis Headrick


ASTRID’S SECRET by Sheryl Lynn Christian as told by Astrid Powers

BookCoverPreview (1)

CLARIFICATION: Ben’s Story by Sheryl Lynn Christian as told by B.W. Hansen

BookCoverPreview (2)

COOKING WITH LOVE by Premlatha Rajkumar and Sheryl Lynn Christian


S.E.E.K. Spiritual Eroticism Embracing Kundalini by Sheryl Lynn Christian




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  1. From Robin Mellody about “Twelve Steps to Inner Peace” by Premlatha Rajkmar and Sheryl Lynn Christian.
    I have your book now and have been reading it along with several other.. somewhat similar books. I really enjoy how direct you are in your message. I feel the confidence and because it all resonates so familiarly with me.. it’s like listening to a friend passing along the wisdom I need to be reminded of every day. Blessings of love and peace ~ Robin https://www.facebook.com/WomenForPeaceAndDoingSomethingAboutIt

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