Christian Ashley

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Christian Ashley is an author of Historical Romance, Alternative History, Paranormal Romance, Modern Romance, and Erotic Fantasy. Many of her Historical Romance novels, such as Rose of Gwynedd, Sara’s Plan (In Daddy’s Arms), and Dignity, came to her through dreams that evolved with ample research into the historical period.

As Ms. Ashley has often said, “It’s so nice when history plays well into my story.” The author’s work does not lend itself to one genre and has been described as history-tales-with-an- erotic-scent. Written in a romantic fashion, where history and circumstance are intricately intertwined, the reader is taken back in time into the “real-life” situations indigenous to the place of the story.

It all began with Christian Ashley’s first novel, Dignity, which unintentionally, has become highly controversial due to its context and lurid portrayal of a girl who found herself to become Queen of England as the fifth wife of Henry VIII. Dignity is a Tudor Romantic Tragedy that takes place in the sixteenth century and unleashes the historically unknown life of Katheryn Howard to end with a highly historical rendition of her execution. As numerous scenes in Dignity are extremely sexually explicit, the novel is available in a censored version as well, Dignity (Censored): Rose Coloured Glasses Included. Her second novel, Sara’s Plan, of which Redemption is its sequel, looks into the intriguing times and unique challenges of a fictional Mormon family in the mid-eighteen fifties. Rose of Gwynedd takes place in twelfth century Wales – four hundred years after the time of King Arthur. It is a story of love amidst a time of chaotic upheaval and war. The highly requested sequel to Sara’s Plan, Redemption, takes place where Sara’s Plan left off and continues through the end of the Civil War. The events leading to Sara’s redemption and the justice that will soon be claimed are deeply contrasted with the chaos and upheaval of the historic period. Yeshua HaMashiach: The Lost Years, presents an alternative view of the early life of Christ in a historically romantic fashion. It is part one of a trilogy.

The author is also an artist; Christian Ashley’s illustrations are portrayed in her books, on book covers, and in book trailers.

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