D.W. Headrick


The Conception of THE TRAP – EMANCIPATION by D.W. Headrick

 Approximately a year ago, while recovering from a grave cerebral vascular accident (CVA), I spent some time in the finished basement of my home. That reclusive and solitary environ allowed me ample space and opportunity to concentrate on rehabilitative exercise and meditation. One afternoon, I heard a rustling from some dark corner of the basement. Investigating the noise, I saw a small mouse run from under the upright piano on one side of the room and hurry behind a musical organ that sits opposite it. Realizing that it could eat through the organ’s electrical wiring, and because no one wants a rodent in their home, I placed a sticky trap behind the organ. The next day, I heard a scraping sound and found the mouse trapped by a hind foot.
When the small mammal looked up at me with terror in its eyes, I could not bear the idea of allowing it to remain ensnared and die from starvation. And having just been spared paralysis or possible death myself, I could not ruthlessly kill it. With great care, I relocated the mouse to a place far from the house and with some effort, pulled its foot free from the trap. It haphazardly limped away into the woods as fast as its injured foot would allow.
From that experience, the idea of The Trap was born. I would like to thank that little mouse, hereafter and forever known as Jim, for his contribution to this work.

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