Premlatha Rajkumar


Reiki master, Magnified Healing Teacher, Divine Alchemist, and Author.

My book “Twelve Steps to Inner Peace” offers empowering spiritual tools that can be easily practiced by anyone at anytime.

I offer Spiritual guidance and counseling through simple techniques of breath, visualization, and meditation that can help raise one’s vibrational frequency. Since we all are energy beings, the raising of one’s vibrational frequency helps to have a stronger connection to spirit, have more positive thoughts, better emotional states, and improved physical health. All my offerings aid spiritual evolution.

The most important thing that I would like to say is, practice the tools sincerely; it takes work and wholesome participation to awaken to one’s divine potentials.

At a very early age, Premlatha Rajkumar understood that she had come for a very specific purpose; to connect with her Divinity here in the physical world and thereby help awaken others around her. Premlatha considers this book as guidance from her Celestial Soul to bless the awakening humanity at this time with the techniques and knowledge given to her to help people remember their true purpose. For the co-creation of this book, her Celestial Soul brought in the Presence of Sheryl Lynn Christian, the co-author of this book.

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