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Essentially a teacher, author Sheryl Lynn Christian’s strengths are compassion, clarity, openness, and creativity. Coming from a place of kindness and love, she listens, empathizes, and understands the issue, and she uses her intuitive skills to creatively seek and help people find their solution. From the place of peace, deservedness, and gratitude, the concept and title of Twelve Steps to Inner Peace came to Sheryl as a gentle whisper, and she was guided to ask Premlatha Rajkumar to join her in writing this important and potentially world healing book. When asked, Premlatha excitedly said that she had already begun writing and that she’d outlined twelve chapters! And she said that she was waiting for someone to assist her in putting it together! In a sacred, miraculous, and divine fashion, the book, TWELVE STEPS TO INNER PEACE, was co-created…  And so it is…

In 1989, Sheryl began studying Astrology with Level IV, NCGR Certified Astrologer, Diane Ronngren, and found herself to be an intuitive Astrologer. This led her to meet Eduardo J. Caldera who introduced her to A Course In Miracles (ACIM) – a psycho-spiritual guide to inner peace. In 1991, again through Diane Ronngren, Sheryl was introduced to Darlene Codding-Mackeage, Ph.D. who trained her to become a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming Therapy® and a facilitator of Time Line Therapy™.  As an intuitive, vibrational healer and NLP® practitioner, Sheryl worked with spiritual Astrologist and vibrational healer, Eduardo J. Caldera, and she became an instructor of Western Astrology and Tarot. After leaving Los Angeles and moving to Arkansas, she met clairvoyant, numerologist, Eastern Astrologer, and Aryuvedic healer, Prince (Raja Harindra Singh, Ph.D.). Through his teachings, she became certified as a Past Life Coach and was introduced to Vedic Astrological principles.

As spirit guided her, for over fifteen years Sheryl worked in the human services field in several capacities; as a volunteer and a trainer for the C.A.S.A. program, as a Certified Mental Health Crisis Para-Professional, and for twelve years she was a Caseworker in Child Welfare. As a Child Protection Caseworker, she spent the last five years as a certified Court Ordered supervised visitation specialist. She is regarded as a Court expert witness in the areas of child welfare and protection, supervised visitation, and on the effects of domestic violence and sexual abuse on children. She is also a certified instructor for Art Innovators – an art enrichment program for children and adults. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Psychology.

Sheryl Lynn Christian was raised in Los Angeles, and most of her psycho-spiritual training was attended there. After moving to rural Arkansas, she met “Prince” Harindra Singh, Ph.D. and studied under him. “Prince” directed her to become an author and to adopt a pen name to write under. As an author and an artist, she has published several books under her pen name, primarily romantic historical fiction, and she illustrates the covers as well as creates images of her characters. Most of her ideas have come from dreams, fantasies, and visions. Her background in Astrology and her work with children and families inspired her to write Astrology for the Ageless and True Animal Stories.

ASTROLOGY for the AGELESS – Basic Astrology is presented for the reader to gain a deeper understanding from a series of short fantasies. This artistically illustrated book is designed for all ages and is a showcase for the author’s art as well as being educational.

AN ELEPHANT STORY – Is filled with colorful and vibrant illustrations of elephants. It is a children’s book which tells the remarkable and true tale of two elephants, Shirley and Jenny. A video was created for preschoolers with an animated character reading aloud Shirley and Jenny’s story! DVDs will be available for purchase soon. Feel free to watch on YouTube!$1.00 of every book and DVD sold will be donated to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

A LION NAMED CHRISTIAN  –  This book is dedicated to a Lion named Christian and to the two young men who unexpectedly came upon him and adopted the lion cub for no other reason than feeling compelled in their hearts to do so. This is a true story… A video was created for preschoolers with an animated character reading aloud Christian the lion’s story! (View free on YouTube)DVDs will be available soon for purchase. As with the author’s book An Elephant Story, $1.00 from every copy of a Lion named Christian – books, eBooks, and DVDs – sold will be donated to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. 

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