Wined, Dined, and Read (blog hop)


I was pleased to be invited by author Uvi Poznansky to participate in this really clever blog hop, Wine, Dine, and Read. This is all about pairing books with food and drink, and it seemed perfect for my soon coming modern, erotic romance Lightning Crashes: Thunder Roars by Christian Ashley.

1) If your main character were a glass of wine, which one would they be? Eric Russo, the main character of soon to be released Lightning Crashes: Thunder Roars, would be not just a glass, but an entire bottle of Dom Pérignon champagne.

2) Describe your book in one meal:  Well rested, Eric got up and padded naked across the blond oak hardwood into the polished granite tiled kitchen. Opening the fridge, he pulled out a carton of eggs, heavy cream, butter, a lemon, and Canadian bacon. In a small skillet he put a smidgen of butter and placed two circular slabs of bacon in the melted butter to heat. He melted more butter in a small saucepan and squeezed a half lemon into the butter as it melted. In perfect synchrony, he split two English muffins and popped them in the toaster. In the third pan he put heat on a layer of water. Stepping away from the stove, he halved three oranges and cut two slices of orange, which he set aside, and then juiced them. He retrieved the corked bottle of Moet out of the fridge door, poured it into two large wine goblets, topped it with the fresh juice, and garnished them with the orange slices. After lightly buttering the muffins, he put two on each plate and topped the bottom halves with the bacon. Dropping two large eggs into the steamy boiling water, he covered the pan for about a minute tops and scooped each egg on top of the Canadian bacon covered, toasted English muffin halves. Whisking the heavy cream into the lemon butter, which caused an instantaneous thickening, he poured the hot hollandaise sauce over the top.          “Lisa, are you ready for some eggs Benedict?” (Need I say more?)

3) What candy would your book be? Anything flavored cherry red.

4) What does your book smell like? “The smell of vanilla bean espresso filled Eric’s nostrils and brought him to a semi-conscious state.”

5) Your book’s snack would be: Oysters on the half shell.

About me…

1) Describe your most memorable meal: Giant sea scallops at Geoffrey’s in Malibu (I love that restaurant).

2) One food word to describe your (Christian Ashley’s) writing style: Decadent (Especially for Lightning Crashes)

3) What will someone find you eating/drinking when you’re really into a good book? Easy, drinking would be red wine and eating would be chocolate.

4) Sweet or Salty? I like both but nothing too sweet or too salty. Savory is a better description.


I’ve got a great author who will be following me next Friday.  Be sure to check out:

Dennis Headrick, author of THE TRAP: Emancipation

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